Furnace Maintenance in Greater Cincinnati

Residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, have become accustomed to brutal Midwest winters thanks to the warmth and safety in their homes provided by their furnaces. In order to protect this comfort each cold season, you should schedule a professional furnace maintenance appointment each fall. Without proper maintenance, you could find yourself without heat in the middle of winter.

Adams Heating & Cooling is proud to offer premium furnace maintenance service across the greater Cincinnati area. We know how dangerous it can be when your furnace fails on the coldest days of the year. That’s why our maintenance technicians will work hard to ensure your furnace is in working order this season and every season to come.

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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Routine maintenance from the HVAC professionals at Adams is crucial to the life and function of your furnace. The benefits of scheduling furnace maintenance with our friendly team include:

Improved Efficiency

A properly maintained furnace is more efficient – it’s just a fact! When you take the time to invest extra care into your equipment, it has everything it needs to run smoother and better, while also using less energy. So, you’ll reach your desired temperature in less time every time.

Increased Energy Savings

Along the same lines, if your equipment is running more efficiently, it’s naturally using less energy. As a result, you’ll notice that your energy bills may decrease or find a manageable consistent balance even when temperatures outside get colder and colder.

Prolonged Lifespan

A typical furnace will last at least 15-20 years. But without proper maintenance, you could be looking at a total repair way sooner than that timeline. When you schedule our team for maintenance, we will tune and clean your furnace to ensure it’s ready for many more years of successful operation.

Optimized Indoor Air Quality

When your furnace receives professional maintenance, you’ll experience the benefit of consistent heat throughout your Cincinnati home. With better airflow comes improved indoor air quality. Additionally, your system will be less likely to distribute airborne contaminants when it’s cleaned regularly.

Our Furnace Maintenance Offerings

At Adams Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to offer our one-of-a-kind Energy Star Maintenance Program. With a low monthly payment, you’ll receive ample benefits for all your HVAC maintenance.

Our maintenance plan includes:

  • Priority scheduling
  • No overtime charges
  • 15% service discount
  • 3-year new part replacement warranty
  • 21-point inspection
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Visual ductwork inspection
  • And so much more

Call our friendly team to learn more about what our maintenance program can do for your furnace in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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At Adams Heating & Cooling, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our customers across the Greater Cincinnati area. That’s why we specialize in high-quality furnace maintenance that keeps your equipment at its peak performance throughout its entire lifespan. Since 1953, we’ve been a local plumbing and HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance provider you can trust.

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