Furnace Installation in Cincinnati, OH

In Cincinnati, OH, residents experience the extremes of every season. So they know the importance of functional HVAC equipment, such as a furnace, to keep them warm and toasty in their homes during the bitter winter months. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained furnaces will eventually need replacing.

At Adams Heating & Cooling, our HVAC technicians are here to help with your new furnace installation so you don’t go without heat when you need it most. Whether from old age or a major breakdown, when your furnace needs a replacement, we will put our expertise to work to help you purchase a new furnace and perform a swift, efficient installation.

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Why a Furnace is a Smart Investment

Your furnace is a key component of your heating system. While an air conditioner is your main provider of cool air in the summer, your furnace ensures your home remains safe even during the harshest cold weather conditions. Investing in a new furnace means you’ll have reliable heat for longer.

Typically, with proper care and professional maintenance at least once a year, your furnace can last anywhere from 15-20 years, making it a worthwhile investment. However, once your furnace is older than 15 years, it’s at a much greater risk for repair or complete breakdown.

To avoid getting caught in the coldest months of the year without heat, our experts at Adams Heating & Cooling recommend replacing your furnace when it reaches 15 years or older. This proactive action can help avoid a heating emergency while also optimizing your HVAC systems, as a new model will always run more efficiently than an older one.

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Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

Sometimes, your furnace will break down without warning. But often, if you know what to look for, you’ll see signs that signal a need for repair before you lose heating. Noticing the signs and calling our professionals for an inspection or replacement is crucial to the safety of your household. The sooner we know about an issue with your furnace, the sooner we can help.

Common signs you need new furnace installation in Cincinnati include:

  • Old Age: As discussed, once your furnace gets to be older than 15 years it can start to lose efficiency or require more frequent repairs. It can be much more cost-effective to be proactive and schedule a furnace replacement sooner rather than later.
  • Frequent Repairs: Do you find yourself calling for furnace repair several times a year? This is a clear sign your furnace is experiencing a larger problem. Save time and money in the long run by opting for new furnace installation instead.
  • Increased Energy Bills: As any HVAC equipment, including a furnace, becomes less efficient, it will use greater amounts of energy to continue trying to reach your desired temperature. As a result, your energy bills may skyrocket without explanation.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a New Furnace

There are several types of furnaces on the market that could be a fit for your Cincinnati home. Let our experts at Adams Heating & Cooling help you make the right choice for your unique heating needs.

When you shop with us, we’ll help you consider the following factors before deciding on a new furnace.


A furnace needs ample space for installation, as it’s a rather large piece of HVAC equipment. The size of the furnace you need can also depend on the size of your household, as a 2-bedroom home won’t need as large of a system for adequate heating as a mansion.

Fuel Source

When purchasing your new furnace, you will have to decide between a gas, electric, or oil furnace. Both types have their own benefits, as well as different energy usage. Our experts can help you compare both fuel options to find the best fit.


Ultimately, your decision on a new furnace may come down to the cost. We understand that everyone has a different budget. That’s why our knowledgeable staff member will help educate you on the different furnace types from the size to fuel type so you can calculate and compare the cost of each and how it might affect your energy spending.

Prolong Your Furnace’s Lifespan with Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve purchased your new furnace and taken advantage of our professional furnace installation service, it’s time to enjoy consistent heating throughout your Cincinnati home. But, if you want that heating to last for as long as possible, don’t forget to schedule routine furnace maintenance. 

At Adams Heating & Cooling we will inspect, clean, and tune up your furnace so it’s ready to tackle Cincinnati winters for years to come. Join our maintenance plan and make sure your furnace always gets the professional care it needs.

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